Imagined with love

Olee Maatee (Oh-LEE Mah-TEE) connects life in the bustling cities to the charming aura of Indian aesthetics. Started as an initiative by CREDAR (Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship, Development and Research), our craft studio empowers artists by training them to commercialize their skills and experiment with imagination. In 2019, we took an exciting step forward and hosted our first exhibition in Mumbai. As the City of Dreams warmly welcomed the unique lifestyle and home décor products crafted by our celebrated artisans, we knew it was time to bring their unique creations to you, wherever you are in India!

Crafted with soul

At Olee Maatee, we endeavour to encourage the wonderful works of our multi-medium studio. Our in-house artists craft beautiful products using materials like ceramics, paper mache, locally sourced terracotta and bamboo. The designs draw inspiration from diverse aspects, like nature's beauty to life's simple joys. In the end, what we promise, is personalized and handcrafted merchandise that illuminates your home with its vibrant presence. Join the ever-growing Olee Maatee family, support our artisans and celebrate indigenous art!

Inspired by India, made for the World

Olee Maatee expands the horizons of imagination. Our delightful creations transform an everyday corner into a vivacious alcove with a soul. The design language is a mélange of sensibilities. The treatment is global and contemporary. The artistic inspiration behind it has a homegrown sentiment and flavour. Fusing both, we make art that you instantly fall in love with. When your eyes see that lovely pop of colour and a quintessential Olee Maatee aesthetic, you will surely smile!

Close to art

Olee Maatee is more than just a creative studio. It is a platform to cultivate creativity without forsaking homes and traditions. Our team consists of artisans proficient in hand-skills and those who have pursued fine arts from Devrukh College of Art and Design. While growing up in craft-centric communities, our incredible artisans were taught pottery and idol-making during their formative years. The women have splendid dexterity. Years of making intricate modaks have infused their hands with delicacy and skill.

Closer to home

Today at Olee Maatee, such gifted individuals pursue art and celebrate heritage. With us, they find the support to balance both worlds. They create elegant Olee Maatee products while uplifting, vibrant traditions like idol-making and modaks. The latter is a favourite at the studio! The fine arts graduates of DeCAD turn to Olee Maatee for stability and learning. We are a well-equipped space where they can polish their skills and find opportunities while enjoying the company of loved ones. Working with Olee Maatee means that DeCAD alumni do not have to seek assignments away from home. Here, they find resources and camaraderie. Above all, we are a closely-knit community of creators passionate about art and life.

Learning from life

Bharati Pitre's personality is equal parts artist and observer. What she observes from life, she imbibes in her ingenious paper-mâché́ figurines. Whether it's a lively exchange in a chawl or a woman about to take a selfie, the familiar moments and images we tend to overlook are an eternal source of creative inspiration for her. When these images become sculptures, each has a story to tell. They traverse many themes, from thoughtful to experimental.

Inspiring the world

Bharati Pitre's works are a part of several private collections worldwide. Prominent shows and galleries have showcased her art, including two solo shows at Mumbai's Jehangir Art Gallery. At Olee Maatee, she spearheads all designing initiatives and mentors the artists to nourish their talent. Glimpses of her aesthetic are visible in every product.

Our Journey So Far


Pitre Foundation founded CREDAR (Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship, Development and Research) and DeCAD (Devrukh College of Art and Design) to empower the artisans and teach fine arts.


The first potter returned to Devrukh, and the craft studio came to life.


Several talented artisans and fine arts graduates from DeCAD join the craft studio, working with various materials and refining their skills.


Bharati Pitre begins mentoring artists and coins the term Olee Maatee.
Thus commences our journey as an experimentation and prototyping studio.


Olee Maatee hosts the first exhibitions in Mumbai and Pune, displaying curated products.


As a brand owned by Cufuka Craftworks, Olee Maatee and our portfolio of charming lifestyle products are ready to reach every home in India.