Bharati Pitre

Founder & Mentor

Student of life, an animal lover at heart and an ever-welcoming host.

Varun Pitre

Team Captain

A hesitant violinist who is very assured about his photography skills.

Mansi Shah

Customer Success

A talented interior designer turned customer relations wizard.

Sumit Damushte

Operations Co-ordinator

Happiest when there are problems to be solved!

Harishchandra Jadhav

Artisan & Teacher

The hard taskmaster who loves to spend time with his children but is strict about homework.

Janhavi Monde

Fine Artist

Acts in plays and has been awarded for her dedication to cycling everywhere she goes.

Swapnil Salvi


A genius at playing the octapad and a graceful folk dancer.

Siddhesh Kirve

Quality & Packaging

Always striving for perfection

Jitesh Pawar


The life of the party, he sings, mimics and entertains one and all.

Rohit Mestry

Fine Artist

Writes soulful poetry and assists his father's carpentry initiatives.

Prasad Nagalekar

Fine Artist

A fitness enthusiast who owns the gym while being a competitive folk dancer.

Rahul Kalambatte

Fine Artist

Constantly innovates, loves to cook and is a genius at managing the house.

Tejas Bane


Patience, sensitivity and exceptional storytelling skills are his kryptonite.

Priya Kalabatte


Very helpful, loves board game nights with her kids but hates losing.

Jayashree Dige


In-house puran poli expert and a passionate seamstress with an eye for detail.

Pooja Gondhali


Gifted cook, makes delectable Diwali snacks, and her shopping cart is always full.

Vidya Velwankar


A devoted single parent who divides her time between her precious daughter and stitching.